Charlotte Dualé TXT (Ausschnitt)

Charlotte Dualé works with ceramics. For several years, she has used this material to create thin, elongated objects. Repetition is an important aspect of her work, serving to highlight both individual forms and their variations. In elaborate installations, Dualé arranges the ceramics she creates into patterns. At Galerie Noah Klink, they are organised like the individual parts of a calligraphy exercise, with each object functioning as a word.

Dualé continually engages with issues related to the philosophy of language. In the context of this exhibition, she raises the following questions:

Does this text attempt to communicate something that language is unable to?
How does the unspeakable express itself?
Why make or do things that don‘t serve a purpose?
Does everything need to be useful?
Does humanity exist without language?
How does a non-subject express itself?
How do you address the unknown?
Does something else emerge when language disappears?
Is it a language, is it a drawing?
How can something be written that can‘t be expressed?
Does everything need to be understandable?
What is left over when language frees itself from content?
A sound, joy?
What if the object itself can experience pleasure?
Is this, perhaps, an erotic text?

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