Alison Yip works through painting, wall treatments, writing and objects to find ways of speaking to the dissociative and dispersed nature of our cognitive apparatus and the persistence of figuration, especially through psycho-phenomena: Tulpamancy, psychic readings, ghost-frequencies. Recurring actors and everyday objects charged with unabashed animism appear in her works and put to the task of "figuring out". Playful use of various pictorial modes, everyday materials and perspectival regimes, generate explorations into broader experiences of the human senses, power relations, and sense of self, within the ever-constant flow of our present day reality.



The Double Time of Drawing Clementin Seedorf Basel, SW

What is a reasonable demand today? Kantine Brussels, BE

confessions on sparkling hill Damien & The Love Guru Zurich, SW


Blue of Noon Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler Berlin, DE

Sleeping In June Berlin, DE

Soma Topika (solo) Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver, CA

The Faceless Familiar Lethbridge, CA


SOMA TOPIKA (solo)Galerie Noah Klink Berlin DE

Fly Robin Fly Mécènes du Sud Montpellier-Sète, FR


Love SignGalerie Noah Klink Berlin DE

Bare Heel Country (solo) Dortmunder Kunstverein Dortmund, DE

I SAW A CROW, ORCA WAS I (solo) Monte Clark Gallery Vancouver, CA

Sphinx of Black Quartz, Judge My Vow Palfrey Space London, UK


A Fictional Turn Page Not Found The Hague, NL

We Love You Beursschouwburg Brussels, BE

Motoko Ishibashi | Alison Yip Lady Helen London, UK

Finir par Mordre Karl Marx's Paris, FR

Hi-Ventilation Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof Hamburg, DE

No Place L’Inconnue Montreal, CA


Community of Crumble Chez Malik's Hamburg, DE

Solar Upsetter (solo) Monte Clark Gallery Vancouver, CA

Mural Mothers and Daughters Brussels, BE


Silver Springs (solo) Gärtnergasse Vienna, AT


Vancouver Special: Ambivalent Pleasures Vancouver Art Gallery Vancouver, CA

Die Pythien Mundsberg Tower II Hamburg, DE


Susy Culinsky and Friends Fanta Milan, IT

69. Internationaler Bergischer Kunstpreis der Nationalbank-AG Kunstmuseum Solingen Solingen, DE


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