The Ballroom Community

Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann, Anna Lucia Nissen, Max Paul, Josefine Reisch, Stella Rossié

It is one of the highest and most exquisite pleasures to compose all the heat and ice-cold shade that is inside of you, to form it into pure tension and bring it out there to release it in the most melodramatic manner you can. As it leaves your body it becomes a pose and it stands there for everyone to watch, a tribute to the power of your self.

As we augment our identities, making them agents that represent us, we merge with the objects we consume. All of these objects are representations of ideals, of longing, of freedom or adventure, and like all appearances they mean something. Their surfaces are ecstatic and their nature is ideally a paradessence or an exaltation of their meaning. For example jeans and cigarettes are more than that, they are “jeans and cigarettes” and the paradessence of a Birkin Bag is that it is both domestic and wild.

An artist is a model is a paradigm is a brand is a company is a mood board. But also a myth and an artifice that allows to put something transformative into a social space, something unnatural. Millenials know that their identities are on the market and up for grabs – so it makes total sense to disengage with them and to excessively highlight their grandezza, let them be played out by objects. For those who know it's time to leave the house and go back to the field.

Text: Manuel Gnam

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