Taslima Ahmed Screenshots

What interests me about looking at something online, is that it's more often than not driven by an innate desire for something (which is driven by a physical impulse). This desire is then compressed into a digital form, which in the end takes on a rather artificial (and by that I mean inorganic) appearance.

What I like about screenshots is that they compress this desire and transform it into an image. What was at first a bodily reaction, eventually becomes a reminder. With these reminders, you're supposed to go onto better things e.g. the real thing or better images like for example photographs. Or keep them as memory.

I repainted the screenshots in this exhibition in Photoshop. Each image has 150 layers of pantones, gradients, paths and overlays. The subjects are close-ups of a McLaren 720S Spider. I only took screenshots of something that I liked visually.

Why we still have a nervous system that feels emotions is something that philosophers have been busy with as the "hard problem of consciousness". Emotions are not designed to destroy their keeper - they have a purpose (at least they serve the purpose of expanding imaginative power). I am not somebody who mourns the loss of the supernatural or fictions, which seem to come from a non-realistic place, but I am sceptical of purely logical thinking.

Taslima Ahmed

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