Taslima Ahmed Artists Prototypes

“Artists are the prototypes for a redesign of society.” – Taslima Ahmed

In this first exhibition at Galerie Noah Klink in Schöneberg, Taslima Ahmed presents a photography based exhibition in which photographs are presented as interfaces of a new aestheticized reality. Rather than Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR), half of Ahmed's photographs use depth of field and high contrast to elongate the artificiality that reality can be - in the hope of preserving it.

On the other half, Ahmed uses manipulations and insertions to express certain points. For example she inserts a deepdream into the side mirror of a moving car – a reminder that there are multiple plains upon which perceptions can exist. Or she introduces a fictitious conversation with Siri (Apple inc.'s Artificial Intelligence) to demonstrate that machines reduce even civilizations to a flat ontology. While this renders human activity neutral, it also gives us space to process facts non-judgmentally and with a healthy distance.

Finally she presents a four meter long sculpture of the appearance of Siri on macOS Sierra. Alberto Guibilini & Julian Savulescu have claimed that AI could become an Artificial Moral Advisor (AMA) which could enhance "reflective equilibrium". The sculpture could therefore be interpreted as an analogue incarnation of AI.

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