FLAME Curating Makes No Sense

Some Notes on Curating

In 1976 Brian O'Doherty famously stated that in modernist art, the context devours the object. Since the late 2000s, the assumed context of a work flattens the object.

A curator's role is to interpret the emerging forms of an aesthetic globalization and to determine what is genuine “heritage” (Wikipedia) and what is a staged display of this present culture.

Curating today knows past and future only as a pastiche and fixates art works in a presentism of the collective social artificial intelligence produced by the Internet. However the Internet is only a technology that has changed our collective behaviour - it is still a private, commercial platform not reality itself.

When contexts are assumed, the only differential between artists are their biographies and the relationships to what is socially perceived important (on the platform) making them 'good' or worthwhile. According to O'Doherty, “from a certain height people are generally good”, however biographies horizontally put together don't seem to have the same artistic virtue.


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