Love Sign is an exhibition based on a 200GB digital database of Prince fan ephemera, books, music, bootlegs, videos, and imagery. The files were compiled by Prince fans in and around Hamburg over years and passed on to friends and strangers at bars and clubs via a USB stick, engraved with the Love Symbol. Taking the material and the open medium of the database as a starting point, the exhibition brings together artworks that reflect on Prince’s identity, politics as well as visual and musical aesthetic. All material produced in the course of the exhibition will be added to the digital database afterward, which will then be passed on. 

Johannes Oswald –, 2018

Kayode Ojo – At the End of the Day (Prince, Berlin), 2020

Gina Fischli – Chardonnay, 2020


Lenard Giller – Solitary (being with others), 2020

Alison Yip – R.D., 2020

Gina Fischli – GoGo, 2020

Eric N. Mack – Prince, 2020

Isaac Lythgoe – it was not really Saturday night, 2020

Willa Nasatir – Other Life #3 (Rocks), 2018

Colin de Land and Kembra Pfahler – Kembra in Abra Kadavour Costume, Vienna Hotel Room, 2001/2019